Landscape & Exterior Standards
Foxworth Homeowners Association, Inc.
Lawn, Landscaping, & Exterior Maintenance Standards
Effective November 1, 2014
Article VII Section 2 of the Foxworth Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements states (in part): "Each Owner of a Lot whether vacant or occupied, shall keep and maintain his lot and the exterior of any and all improvements located thereon in a neat, attractive and safe condition. Such maintenance shall include, but shall not be limited to, painting, repairing, replacing and care for roofs, gutters, down spouts, building surfaces, trees, shrubs, grass, walls and other exterior improvements."
In order to provide more specific guidelines to Foxworth residents the following standards have been adopted by the Foxworth HOA.
Lawn and Landscape Standards
1. Grass lawns are to be maintained in a uniform and consistent manner and appearance. Grassed areas should be fertilized, weeded and watered such that it is uniformly green throughout the growing season and cut and maintained to a length of no more than 5 inches. During all seasons, including the dormant season, the lawn area should be free of weeds and non grass plants.
2. Grass should be edged and may not overlap any concrete surfaces on the property (curb, sidewalk, driveway, porch or patio) or mulched areas or gardens.  Ground cover or shrubs may not overlap street curb.
3. Mulched areas and gardens should be kept free of weeds and wild brush. Weeds should be controlled on all lot exterior surfaces, including the lawn itself, using proper herbicides.
4. Dead or burnt grass should be replaced with sod consistent with the surrounding grass in the yard which shall be either Bermuda or Zoysia grass in all front and side yard areas visible from the street(s) abutting such lot.
5. Bare soil is not permitted, except in active planting beds or cultivated gardens. All lawn space should be covered with vegetation or mulch. Mulch should be replenished at least annually to maintain, with the potential exception of the fall leaf drop, a generally consistent and aesthetically pleasing appearance, using pine straw, pine bark nuggets, or other commonly used and aesthetically pleasing mulches.  This excludes using chipped wood.
6. Shrubs, bushes, and plants should be maintained and pruned as necessary in a manner that is appropriate and customary for that specific plant material.
7. Shrubs, bushes and trees planted along building foundations and in front of windows should be pruned such that no more than the lower 1/5 of the window glass area is blocked by such vegetation and no such vegetation reaches the eaves of any home.
8. No vines or ivy shall be permitted to grow up trees or shrubbery, homes, or fences.
9. Dead trees, shrubs or other plant material should be removed as soon as reasonably practical and for any trees or large shrubs removed for whatever reason, all stumps must be removed or ground to below the level of the yard and covered as appropriate with soil and vegetation or mulch.
10. All concrete surfaces (sidewalks, driveways, steps, or porches) should be cleaned as reasonably necessary to remove mold, mildew and other organic growth.
11. Lawn and Landscaping Maintenance Standards except the restriction on type of grass specified in #4 above shall generally pertain to all exterior surfaces inclusive of the front, back and side yards of each lot.
12. Natural colored rocks are permitted primarily to address drainage related issues.  They are not to be used for visible pathways nor should they be used as a mulch/pine straw replacement in flowerbeds (per standard #5). Rocks must be a natural color (tan or sandy but not white) so they can blend in naturally with surrounding area. Rocks also need to be a minimum size of not less than 5” so small pebbles/gravel are not acceptable. (adopted June 16, 2022)
Exterior Maintenance Standards
1. Lot exteriors should be maintained in an orderly and sightly appearance. No outdoor storage of equipment or materials, garbage cans, gardens tools or supplies, empty or unused flower pots or planters, shall be visible from any street(s) abutting any lot, except that which is of a temporary nature and specific to an on-going and actively prosecuted improvement project.
2. All improvements including, but not limited to homes, fences, retaining walls, driveways, and sidewalks must be maintained in good condition and not in need of any visible repair. Surfaces which are painted or stained should be well painted or stained. Improvements should be free of any stains, mildew, organic growth, rotten wood, or loose or ill-fitting elements. Windows should not be broken or cracked, or otherwise in disrepair. Roofs should have no loose or missing shingles, mold or mildew. Fences should be in good condition with no rust, broken pickets, or in need of repair.
3. Fences: The standard fence height permitted is a minimum of 5ft (60”) or maximum of 6ft (72”). If the fence is capped, a cap cannot exceed 2” for a maximum height of 74”. This does not include posts which can be slightly taller. If the land is sloped, fences need to be stepped down/cut to ensure they do not exceed the maximum stipulated above at any point. (adopted September 25, 2023)
  • Fence styles permitted: 1. Privacy fences (e.g. shadowbox, capped, dog ear, horizontal with no spacing) and 2. aluminum/steel fences. 
  • Fence styles not permitted: 1. Rail or split-rail fences 2. Chain link fences 3. Mesh fences 4. Picket fences 5. Lattice fences or 6. Vinyl/composite fences.
1. Yard signs which celebrate a family event such as a birthday or accomplishment such as a graduation are permitted. These signs are permitted in the owner’s yard and should be staked into the grass. These signs have a limited life span and should be removed within 14 days of placement.  There are no size or height restrictions.  
2. A more detailed list of permissible events are things like the birth of a baby, retirement, birthday celebration, graduation from elementary/middle/high school/college/university, an athletic accomplishment like making state or being selected for an advanced team, gaining acceptance into a new school/club, or winning an academic award.